Love and Sad Poems

Expressing Yourself Through Poetry

Here are a few ideas that may help you get ready to write. I hope you find them useful.

First off, don't think specifically about writing a poem. Think about what is on your mind, think about your feelings, and write based on how you feel moved by these thoughts.

Don't worry about the rules of grammar - in particular, modern poetry doesn't have to be composed of perfectly complete sentences or paragraphs. Aim to express your main idea or feeling. Feel a rhythm to your words, and remember, you don't have to make everything rhyme perfectly. The idea is to paint a picture with your words.

When you've finished, put your work down for a while and try not to think about it. After a few hours or even days, pick your work back up and reflect on it. How do you feel about the poem now? Has writing this poem caused you to see anything about your life or about this situation in a fresh way? Are you inspired to add to the poem, change it, or start a new one? Go with those feelings as the process of wiritng continues to help you clarify your thoughts.

Read your poem aloud and listen to the picture you have painted, sense the rhythm of the words. How do you feel when you read it aloud? Expand on that if you wish as well.

That's just a small, small start into writing poetry. I hope to add to this section over time, but I hope this is a gentle inspiration to get started.


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