Love and Sad Poems
The Hour Has Come to Part!
by Augusta, Lady Gregory (1852 - 1932)

The hour has come to part! and it is best
The severing stroke should fall in one short day
Rather than fitful fever spoil my rest,
Watching each gradual sign of love's decay.
Go forth dear! thou hast much to do on earth;
In life's campaign there waits thee a great part -
Much to be won and conquered of more worth
Than this poor victory of a woman's heart
For me, the light is dimmed, the dream has past -
I seek not gladness, yet may find content
Fulfilling each small duty, reach at last
Some goal of peace before my youth is spent.
But come whatever may, come weal or woe
I love thee, bless thee where so e'er thou go!

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