Love and Sad Poems
I Will Not Let Thee Go
by Robert Bridges (1844 - 1930)

   I will not let thee go.
Ends all our month-long love in this?
   Can it be summed up so,
   Quit in a single kiss?
   I will not let thee go.

   I will not let thee go.
If thy words' breath could scare thy deeds,
   As the soft south can blow
   And toss the feathered seeds,
   Then might I let thee go.

   I will not let thee go.
Had not the great sun seen, I might;
   Or were he reckoned slow
   To bring the false to light,
   Then might I let thee go...

   I will not let thee go.
I hold thee by too many bands:
   Thou sayest farewell, and lo!
   I have thee by the hands,
   And will not let thee go.

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