Love and Sad Poems

Welcome to our Love And Sad Poems website. Perhaps you are here because you wish to explore some poetry that expresses your inner feelings. Or perhaps you are looking for confirmation that you are not alone in your sadness.

roseTo the left, you can see the links to our sad love poems. Each section expands when you click on a link.

Love is one of the universal experiences shared from generation to generation. And so too is the sadness when love is lost or not fully realised. These sad love poems express a range of such experiences, and it is my hope that in reading and reflecting you will be able to start your own healing process. Or even feel inspired to write some poetry of your own. Expressing your feelings in this way can be very beneficial.

Feeling sad today does not mean that you will feel sad forever. If you are feeling low and have been for some time however, please visit our "If Sadness Persists" page for some helpful information and links.

The bright sun is close, ready to stream through the clouds, warm you and chase away the rain.


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